What is a CitySquatch?!?

Well let me tell you, folks. Bigfoots aren't just confining themselves to the wilderness anymore. They're venturing out into cities all around the world.

Most sightings have been reported in and around the Atlanta, GA area dating back to 2014 so this is believed to be the origin of this big city curiosity in our cryptozoological friends. But over time, more and more of these sasquatches have been spotted throughout the US and in other parts of the world.

If you have a keen eye, you might be able to find one of these elusive CitySquatches roaming your city. Just to make things easier though, you can follow CitySquatch on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to see clues on the latest sightings. Occasionally sightings are reported on Snapchat as well.

If you find a CitySquatch out in the world, you get to take it home and keep it all to yourself or give it to your best yeti loving friend if you have one. (I'm pretty sure everyone has one.)

Regular Squatch

These squatches like to learn everything they can about new cities and big events. They love being in the know on festivals, concerts, tourist attractions, and anything else worth seeing.


These squatches very hard to spot in the dark but boy do they enjoy the nightlife of the big city. They love getting down and getting funky on the dance floor and going out for late night taco runs.


Typically, the Yeti enjoys the colder times of the year to venture out and explore. They are very familial and love spending time with their loved ones during the holiday seasons.

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